Cantere Lirica

Lyric frenzy in Adour!

Cantère Liricà - Lyric frenzy in Adour! is a non profit associative group ruled under the terms of the French 1901 law; it has its legal seat in the village of Sames, Department of Pyrenees Atlantiques (64), France.

The association gathers amateur opera singers and chamber musicians with solid background and preferably semi-professional experiences. It organizes musical workshops to perfect self technique in the vocal and performing arts. It also aims at putting together and producing small-scale shows and concerts taking advantage of some logistic facilities in the village of Sames and eventually, circumstances allowing, to be displayed elsewhere as well.

Two types of musical workshops are being organized :

  1. A Summer music camp in Sames (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France)
    It takes place in calm, cool and pleasant surroundings in the Basque countryside by the riverside of the Bidouze river, a tributary of the Adour that flows nearby into the sea by the cities of Bayonne (an old medieval fortress city) and Biarritz (the celebrated seaside resort).
    The summer camp capitalizes intense work on self-consistent abstracts of classical lyrical works and their stage work, allowing a complete approach around the musical and stage aspects of the work itself, under the conduct of a music professor and a stage director, both of them recognized professionals.
    It culminates in public shows, typically one to three depending on the circumstances, in moderate size public halls or churches (averaging 70 to 100 seats capability) in Sames itself and surrounding townships for an enthusiastic local audience.

  2. Lyric week-ends and shows, most of the time near Paris
    These sessions act as backbone to the summer camp activities; their intent is to build over a longer period the fundamentals of both vocal and musical techniques of the full scene work chosen as baseline for the summer, for each individual artist. Musical objectives of those week-end sessions are conducted by young professionals.

We welcome member singers for our group, meaning motivated amateur singers with solid experience and sharing our passion for opera singing and performing.

And to all instrument players, should they be talented and bold enough to look forward to accompanying our singing team, welcome as well ;-)

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Amateurs = enthusiastic, passionate, connaisseurs, keen on learning, enlightened, music lovers, ...